AJ-KST Pan Arabia Liners produces and markets its PE T-Rib sheet lining system to protect new concrete pipes, civil structure, tunnels etc. from the corrosive effects of Hydrogen Sulphide attack.

The Versatility and effectiveness of T-Ribbed linings are renowned, with over 50 years’ failure-free service from the time of the introduction of the first PVC T. Ribbed linings in the USA in 1948.

AJ-KST’ST -Rib lining can be used for Dry-Casting, machine made pipes, Wet-Cast pipes and for Spun pipes. The lining can be used to line concrete manholes, and all manner of concrete structures, including walls, decks, soffits, etc.

T-Rib Lining System:

The Sheet linings are extruded under heat and pressure, using first grade raw materials, on a modern extrusion line that produces a High Molecular Weight Product of very high quality, this lining protects concrete against the corrosive effects of Sulphuric Acid formed.

The T-rib profile permits the concrete to flow around it to permanently anchor the lining into place, creating an integral structure. The lining is supplied in bulk rolls, dimensioned to customers’ requirements but it can be supplied in the standard structural sheets for specific structural and tank-lining applications.


Wastewater Treatment and Conveyance System, Pipes, man-holes and concrete Structures such as Digester Reactors, Grit Chambers, Wet Wells

Civil Construction Installations:

Concrete Sea-Water Intake Structures: as an erosion protection system

Monolithic Structures: Such as Concrete Storage tanks as tank lining or as external tanking concrete foundations as corrosion protection against salt taken corrosive soils.


Re-habilitation of tunnels and chambers. As a Wrap and Cap solution on Corrosion damaged concrete pipe lines.

T-Rib from AJ-KST LINERS have the following advantages:

    • Supplied in Bulk rolls, Sealed from Dust and Grime
    • Great Ergonomics! – No fabrication in your shop or factory, just mount the roll on the trestle and cut off the lengths you require.
    • Available in LLDP, HOPE and Flexible Polypropylene Grades.
    • Excellent long term resistance to wide selection of corrosive chemicals.
    • Mechanical Anchorage to the concrete is permanent.

Internal T-Rib lining is gun barrel smooth increasing hydraulic capacity over plain concrete, GRP, and other T-ribbed PVC Liners.

    • Lining in inert when contact with fungal bacteria and anaerobic pathogens.
    • Lining is gas tight and resistant to pressurized water vapor.
    • Welding systems ensure continuous lining protection, backed up by a proven Qualco index type system.
    • KST’s T-Rib is repairable over the lifetime of the system.
    • Our experienced staff bring several lifeline of experience to bear on the product.