Abuljadayel Factory for GRP & PE pipes is a modern factory with state-of-the-art technology. It has the most modern and sophisticated production and testing equipment, capable of reducing GRP pipes and fittings of 400 – 4000mm in diameter and suitable for the following fields and applications:

** Water transmission and distribution networks for both municipal and industrial systems.

** Sewer systems, gravity and forced mains for both urban and industrial applications.

** Cooling sea water intakes and outfall systems for power and desalination plants.

** In-plant water circulation systems for both sea water and desalinated water pipe lines.

** Irrigation systems and main transmission lines.

** Storm water collection and disposal networks.

GRP Pipes are designed to meet the property requirements of the following International and

National Standards (ASTM 03262, ASTM03517, ASTM 03754, ASTM 02992, ASTM 03681, ASTM 04161, SASO 1577, SASO 1578, WWA C950, AWWA M45).

Abuljadayel Factory for HDPE Pipes and Products is a modern factory with state-of-the-art technology. It is Located in the Industrial City Phase (5) Jeddah, KSA. AJ PE pipes is made of high density polyethylene using the most modern German technology in polyethylene pipe industry. Evolving from the German experience in this field, High Density Polyethylene Pipes (HDPE) have perfect mechanical and chemical properties, it is classified as PE80 and PE100 according to its strength. HDPE pipes are used for many pressure and non-pressure applications for water sewers, surface water drainage gas & chemicals transportation It is the most widely used in pipeline systems because of its advantages:

      • Environmentally safe, as it consists only of carbon and hydrogen in formula (CH2-CH2) & can be recycled, Low weight, Excellent flexibility.
      • Low pipe friction losses, Toughness even at very low temperature.
      • Good chemical resistance, Corrosion resistance, Competitive price.

AJ-KST Liners:

PE Liners products by Abuljadayel factory for GRP & HDPE Pipes provides concrete surfaces protection from chemical and physical attack. PE Liner has good resistance acids, alkaline solution & all kind of gases encounters in sewers environments AJ-KST PE liner has excellent abrasion resistance and very high impermeability. It has permanent anchorage into concrete due to the shape of T rib. AJ-KST Liners are produced in different thicknesses ranging from 1.5 to 10 mm and in diffs.